Carers can support up to NINE TIMES more vulnerable people with Oysta

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A pilot study in Telford and Wrekin using Oysta devices allows two mobile care workers who would previously have only been able to care for two people overnight, to support between 16 and 20 people instead.  

As covered by ITV News: New device aiming to tackle social care crisis piloted in Telford and Wrekin | ITV News Central

Sue Robson, founder of Supreme Home Care said the use of technology allowed them to provide “reassurance for vulnerable people and their families with a service which allows us to serve a greater number of people who need our care.”


“Before we started using the telecare devices, we would have one carer per client on one shift from 10pm – 7am whether or not the client was sleeping or needed any assistance. But now the client – or a family member - can alert us by pressing their button and we can respond with any help that is needed.”

Mr Moore, a Supreme Home Care client from Telford, said using a device “gives me the confidence to remain in my own home.”

I can go to bed knowing that if anything happens in the night, I will have a carer on my door in minutes ready to put me right.”

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With an increasing focus on the funding shortfall in social care, Oysta can also demonstrate an average saving of £160 per person per night. Ask us for a demo of our technology.

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