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Hear what it means to Elizabeth's life, to stay independent and to have reassurance from Oysta.

Oysta helps Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs) stay safe at
home and away from home. Our telecare devices encourage VIPs to pursue an active lifestyle with a safety net in place.

Our telecare devices link into our easy-to-use care platform, IntelliCare™. IntelliCare is used by the care circle so that they have regular, automatic updates on activity and location which enables trends and analysis to support effective care decisions.

Oysta’s IntelliCare platform simplifies technology-enabled care
and transforms reactive care into personalised, preventative care, helping customers to deliver better outcomes.

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The Pearl+ is a compact version of a mobile phone. It provides peace of mind to VIPs that they can remain independent and safe when they are outside of the home, and their care circle stays informed and available at a push of a button.


Robbie's Story

Sarah and Robbie live in a beautiful countryside village with their dog Tarka. Robbie developed Alzheimer’s disease and Sarah became his carer whilst trying to maintain relatively normal and independent lives for as long as possible.

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Oysta Rio

The Oysta Rio gives Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs) a discreet safety net so they feel confident to leave their homes. It is an ideal solution for care homes with residents who wish to remain independent but also those who can get disorientated.

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