Patients get home from hospital three days sooner

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Camden Council, in partnership with Oysta, has successfully piloted a care tech device to allow residents to return from the hospital sooner and be fully supported to recover at home.

The Oysta HelpAtHome enabled them to leave hospital sooner, reducing pressures on the NHS, saving the NHS an estimated 630 bed days – equating to £252,000 in financial savings - which would otherwise have been occupied by patients awaiting social care assessments rather than hospital treatment.

Residents who were given the device returned home on average three days sooner than those waiting for a social care assessment before they could leave the hospital which helped to free up hospital beds and address the patient backlog.

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Oysta Rio

The Oysta Rio gives Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs) a discreet safety net so they feel confident to leave their home. The Oysta Rio can be carried in a pocket, on a keyring, or on a lanyard. It has an SOS button, that, when pressed will notify a chosen contact in the care circle or Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC.)

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Robbie's Story

Sarah and Robbie live in a beautiful countryside village with their dog Tarka. Robbie developed Alzheimer’s disease and Sarah became his carer whilst trying to maintain relatively normal and independent lives for as long as possible.

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South Gloucester Council: Hospital to Home

South Gloucestershire Council shares its experience of working with Oysta. Enabling a vulnerable person to return home after a stay in hospital, the Oysta Pearl allowed Miguel to maintain his independence.

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