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ICBs play a vital role in bridging the gap between these health and social care. At our core, we share the same vision, centred around using technology to facilitate this integration. Our mission is not to replace carers but rather to complement their efforts and enhance their capabilities, leading to improved care outcomes.

Our cutting-edge technology acts as a powerful ally for social care teams, enabling them to work more efficiently and deliver even better care to Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs).

With a steadfast commitment to our shared vision, we are dedicated to empowering ICSs and social care teams alike, revolutionising the way health and social care intersect. 

Our technology allows us to:

“We are proud that Telford & Wrekin Council is among a handful of Councils in the UK embracing digital devices, such as those provided by the care tech company Oysta, as a new way of helping vulnerable residents to immediately get in touch with their care provider from the comfort of their own home.


Supporting independent living for eligible residents is something we are passionate about, as it enhances their independence and confidence and provides peace of mind for their families."


Cllr Andy Burford, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health, Integration and Transformation at Telford and Wrekin Council

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“Hugo is not prone to falling at this stage, but clearly as the disease develops that could change quite radically, and that is where I think the Oysta device will come into its own.


Right now, he can play golf with his friends or take a walk around the village and chat to neighbours, and I don’t have to worry because this device gives me peace of mind.”


Louise, Hugo’s wife

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