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Designed and developed by Oysta Technology, IntelliCare is an intelligent cloud-based telecare platform.

Using the latest communication protocols, IntelliCare allows every sensor within the VIPs home and every handheld Oysta device used by the VIP, to communicate independently.

Enabling preventative and reliable person-centred care IntelliCare is the intelligent power behind our solutions.

Mario Zucarro, Founder

The IntelliCare platform is designed to ensure it complies with the latest data protection legislation. All data is encrypted as its being transmitted or stored.

Three Safe Zone settings: Radius, Route and Polygon, provide more options when deciding on safe geographical boundaries for the VIP.

The Rule based capability of IntelliCare allows the platform to be proactive and to reduce the amount of reactive alarms.

Configured to display clearly on multiple platforms, IntelliCare’s reporting and dashboard display can be arranged by the user. Collating all of the most used functions in a preferred layout enhances user-experience and eliminates clutter.

Providing proactive care, IntelliCare will raise an alert in any instance where VIP deterioration is detected. Data collected by home sensors and personal telecare devices is collated and flagged should a change in routine occur.

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Safe Home

Keeping VIPs safe within their own homes, Oysta’ s Safe Home solutions monitor in-home risk and VIP well-being. Connected to the IntelliCare platform, Care providers can become more proactive in preventing crisis and flagging potential health deterioration.

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Telecare solutions

Providing a full suite of easy-to-use handheld devises, Oysta have a solution for everyone. Connected to IntelliCare as soon as activated, the VIP is immediately under the 24/7 Oysta Clock of Care.

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Assisting Care providers

Working with statutory care providers, Local Authorities and NHS Trusts throughout the UK, Oysta’s telecare technology is helping to reduce risk and improve care for our most vulnerable.

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IntelliCare is a registered trademark to Oysta Technology.

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