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MyOysta is an app that converts any Android or iOS mobile device into an effective lone worker safety tool, giving them 24/7 protection.

A mobile solution

In the MyOysta app, lone workers have an SOS button which sends an alert to the designated BS8484 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) or their chosen contacts.

It can be complimented with an OystaCare button which can be clipped to clothing, or kept in on keychain, when pressed it activates the SOS via the app without the lone worker having to locate their phone.

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Benefits to the Health and Safety Team

The MyOysta App is our BS8484 accredited lone worker app which transforms any Android or iOS smartphone into a lone worker safety device. It can be easily installed by downloading from the app store or using MDM deployment and the settings can be configured through IntelliCare™.

Dependent on your mobile device, MyOysta will use multiple accelerometers to intelligently detect falls. If a fall is detected, it will automatically trigger an alarm via IntelliCare while a call is made to the designated chosen contact or Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Geo-Fencing can be used to preconfigure safe zones where a lone worker normally travels. Should they travel outside those safe zones, anytime or during specific times of the day or night, an SOS alert is triggered.

You can see your lone worker’s location reliably and accurately be shown on IntelliCare and can be configured so you get an update at pre-determined timed intervals.

Tracking locations in real-time, the MyOysta App via IntelliCare can prove tour/patrol/shift completion, together with a QR code or
beacon scans.

For proof-of-presence evidence, lone workers can upload and send images of faults, locations or potential risks (for example).

Dashboards, reports, and intelligent data analytics enable your business to monitor adherence to policy and process, ensuring
you are making informed decisions around how to best manage lone working risks.

Download the MyOysta Datasheet

Download Datasheet

Benefits to Lone Workers

If the lone worker needs help, they can discreetly raise an SOS via the keypad over-ride ‘hot-key’, instantly updating their location and opening a voice call to their designated emergency contact or Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

For additional discreet SOS capability, MyOysta can be paired with the OystaCare button. If the lone worker can’t reach their phone, or it isn’t safe to do so, the button can be easily pressed to activate an SOS, refresh their location, and open the two-way audio channel up to 50m away.

If MyOysta detects a slip, trip or fall an SOS call is automatically activated. It can be cancelled if the user is OK. 

Lone workers can start a timer before beginning at-risk activities
by using the Amber timer function. MyOysta will automatically alert management teams via IntelliCare should the employee not turn the Alert off at the end, ensuring unresponsive staff are identified and contacted quickly to ascertain their safety and wellbeing.

MyOysta enables up to ten pre-defined messages to be saved and then sent by the lone worker to inform management of current status, standardising communication.

Intellicare platform

All Oysta devices and sensors link into our smart platform, IntelliCare™.

IntelliCare gives a 360⁰ view of all your lone workers activity,
location and safety updates with 24/7 coverage from your
designated in-house team or Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).


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Book a FREE Demonstration of MyOysta App and IntelliCare™, our care platform which keeps care circles informed. 

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