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Designed for everyone who performs an activity without close or direct supervision by others, the Badge is an autonomous lone-worker solution that combines powerful tracking technology within an easy-to-wear device.

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A mobile solution

Featuring satellite tracking, and mobile and Bluetooth connectivity, the Badge monitors lone-worker well-being, wherever that employee is located.




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Oysta Badge key features

Depending on the risk or the situation, the Badge puts the user in contact with a real person. If a fall/man-down is detected, the Badge can be set to use auto-answer, hands-free mode, ensuring contact and continued safety in times of crisis.

Located at the back of the device are these 5 buttons:

• Power button
• SOS/Emergency button
• Speed dial
• Turn Man down or Amber Alert on or off
• Send a location update/proof of presence

A manual SOS alarm allows an employee to discreetly alert the monitoring centre if they find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation.

Set service GPS location interval (cycles). The Badge automatically reports its position to the Oysta platform providing real-time travel history.

See the location of all team members in real-time, to enable quick decisions on staff deployment and to flag any gaps in service provision.

As situations or risk level change, profiles can be constantly updated, to allow maximum lone-worker safety and protection

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