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Designed for everyone who performs activity without close or direct supervision of others, the Oysta Lite is an autonomous lone worker solution that combines powerful tracking technology within a small easy-to use handheld device

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A mobile solution

Including GPS, LBS and WIFI positioning for accurate location information, the Oysta Lite provides a reliable lifeline for those working independently from a wider team.



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Key features & benefits

Putting the user in contact with a real person, the Oysta Lite features built-in speaker phone for hands-free communication in times of crisis.

When in need of assistance or in a crisis situation, the SOS button summons help quickly. Sending location details to the
control room, automatically opening two-way, hands-free communication with an Operator.

Enables management teams to know when the device is turned on/off and charging/battery levels. The optional ‘no activity’ feature detects if the Oysta Lite is not being worn or used.

Live location information to enable rapid response. The IntelliCare™ platform gives management teams a map of device location and recent travel.

Via the IntelliCare™ platform, data collected via the Oysta Lite will be collated to produce live/historical information to inform risk analysis.

Set service start/end time and GPS location interval (cycles). The Oysta Lite automatically reports its position to the Oysta platform providing travel history.

IP67 Waterproof, the Oysta Lite is resilient and suitable for all work environments.

The combination of its small size and easy operation, make the Oysta Lite a powerful yet inconspicuous tool for the lone worker.

Download the Oysta Lite Datasheet

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Intellicare platform

The Oysta Lite provides huge benefits to organisations and their high-risk workers, thanks to Oysta’s powerful IntelliCare platform. Via the Oysta Lite, dispersed staff have the means to  initiate help in routine or emergency situations. IntelliCare collects and presents this live intelligence providing insightful information for management teams.

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Book a FREE Demonstration of Oysta Lite and IntelliCare™, our care platform which keeps care circles informed. 

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