Oysta Pearl+


Designed for everyone who performs activity without close or direct supervision of others, the Oysta Pearl+ is an autonomous lone-worker solution that combines powerful tracking technology within an easy-to-use handheld device.

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A mobile solution

Offering the latest in mobile lone worker safety, the Pearl+ features GNSS connectivity. The Oysta Pearl+ monitors lone-worker well-being, wherever that employee is located.



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Keeping you compliant

Satisfying legislation for lone-worker safety and protection, the Oysta Pearl+ provides a reliable lifeline for those working independently from a wider team.

Offering high quality voice communication, the Oysta Pearl+ includes a long running 1000mah battery.

The Oysta Pearl+ carries with CE and RoHS certification.

Oysta Pearl+
Key Features

In times of distress, pressing the SOS button will connect the Oysta Pearl+ to the chosen Control Room, opening a two-way voice call.

Depending on the risk or the situation, the Oysta Pearl+ puts the user in contact with a real person. If a fall/man-down is detected, the Oysta Pearl+ can be set to auto answer, hands free mode.
Alternatively, communication can be one-way, to keep the worker in contact but without risk of detection.
‘Man Down’ sensor

accelerometer to sense falls. Upon activation, an alert will be triggered,opening a handsfree audio call.

Enabling management teams to know when the device is turned on/off and charging/battery levels. Optional ‘no activity’ feature, to detect if the Oysta Pearl+ is not being worn or used.

The Oysta service allows regular updates with no intervention by the user.Employee location information is live, and accessible by management team via the IntelliCare platform.

Monitoring location in real-time, IntelliCarevia the Oysta Pearl+ evidences tour/ patrol/ shift completion to satisfy SLA requirements.

Via the IntelliCare platform, datacollected via the Oysta Pearl+ is collated to produce live/historical information to inform risk analysis.

Set service start/end time and GPS location interval (cycles). The Oysta Pearl+ automatically reports its positionto the Oysta platform providing travel history.

“I didn’t know this system existed. It will give me confidence to go out with my family and give the carers a tool which could save lives!”

Sarah - Service User

How to use the Oysta Pearl+

The Oysta Pearl+ provides huge benefits to organisations and their high-risk workers, thanks to Oysta’s powerful IntelliCare platform. Via the Oysta Pearl+, dispersed staff have the means to check-in, communicate and initiate help in routine or emergency situations. IntelliCare collects and presents this live intelligence providing insightful information for management teams.

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Oysta Pearl+ Specifications


Dimentions 92 x 44 x 17.9mm
Weight 74g


IP Rating 44
Speaker Yes
Microphone Yes


Signal 2G
GSM Freq. Quad band: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHx
GPS u-blox All-in-One GNSS receiver
Battery Li-Polymer, 1000 mAH
Operating temp -20C - +55C
Display 128 x 96, 1.3"
Sensors Accelerometer

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