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The Oysta Rio gives employers a powerful, discreet future-proofed device for their at-risk employees. The management platform, IntelliCare, lets managers see alerts, manage devices and report on activity.

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Benefits to the Health and Safety Team

Oysta Rio’s Bluetooth Locator Beacons identify the device's location anywhere around a site. Useful for patrol routes or perimeter checks. The Beacon detects when the Rio is nearby the “checkpoints” and sends notifications via IntelliCareTM.

Lone Workers can send a voice message to their contact or Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to confirm their wellbeing.

Multiple accelerometers intelligently detect falls, and it automatically triggers an alarm via IntelliCare while a call is made to the designated chosen contact or ARC.

Using GPS, Beacons, Wifi and other location technologies to get your lone worker’s location reliably and accurately be shown on IntelliCare and can be configured so you get an update at pre-determined timed intervals.

Oysta’s roaming SIM automatically connects to the network with the strongest signal, improving connectivity in low-signal areas and providing wider coverage to your lone workers.

If enabled the emergency protocol allows the ARC to call the device without a ringtone or announcement letting the ARC covertly listen to the situation. Useful in kidnap and similar situations.

Dashboards, reports and intelligent data analytics enable your business to monitor adherence to policy and process, ensuring you are making informed decisions about how to best manage lone working risks.

Through IntelliCare, you are notified if your lone worker’s device is switched on/off, is running out of battery or if there has been ‘no activity’, indicating that the device has not been worn or used.

Benefits to Lone Workers

If the lone worker needs help they can press the SOS button (either on the Oysta Rio or through an additional OystaCare button) to connect to their designated emergency contact or Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and have a hands-free, clear two-way voice call.

An optional OystaCare button can be clipped onto clothing or hung on a lanyard. If the lone worker can’t reach the Oysta Rio device, the button can be easily pressed to activate an SOS on the Rio up to 50m away.

If the Rio detects a slip, trip or fall an SOS call is automatically activated. It can be cancelled if the user is OK.

The Oysta Rio has a powerful loudspeaker and sensitive microphone to allow clear voice communication within 2 - 3 metres.

If Auto Answer is enabled, the Rio automatically answers calls from the ARC without pressing a button, which saves time in emergency or welfare situations.

With an IP67 rating, it operates in all most environments.

Voice reminders play when the device needs charging, no need to login to check.

IntelliCare™ platform

All Oysta devices and sensors link into our smart platform, IntelliCareTM. IntelliCare gives a 360⁰ view of all your lone workers activity, location and safety updates with 24/7 coverage from your designated in-house team or Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC.)

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