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Connecting people with care and assistance since 2008.

Oysta services save lives. Every day, thousands of people rely on Oysta to protect their vulnerable loved ones.

Unlike other care solutions, Oysta provide a service that is not reliant on an individual’s proximity to a central control box, usually located within the home. Powerful and mobile, an Oysta solution takes care of vulnerable independent living people wherever they are within the home, the garden or the community. A vulnerable person is never alone when they have an Oysta.

Providing a range of services to deliver a safer environment, Oysta technology promotes a more independent lifestyle.

Offering a selection of easy to use mobile devices that work in conjunction with a full range of sensor alarms for in and around the home, Oysta provide a number of service packages to choose from.

If your service is connected to a telecare monitoring centre, at any time of day or night our highly skilled Call Advisors will be alerted if any of the following activations occur:• The SOS button is pressed
• A Safety Zone is breached
• A Fall-Sensor Alarm is triggered
• A Reminder is missed

For any of these scenarios, the way that the technology works is the same. Our 5 point procedure for dealing with any alert triggered by a VIP is fast, proven and trusted.

• Mobile Telecare sensor raises alert
• Transmists location & alert information
• Telecare Monitoring Centre receives alert
• Trained operator decides the most appropriate course of action
• Response from carer, family member or emergency services

As part of the Oysta service, there is a choice of telecare devices and support services to choose from.

Tailored to the needs of the individual, Care Providers can pre-configure device settings, via the IntelliCare platform, to ensure that risk to VIP safety is minimised.

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Making a difference

Door Test

Safer independence for Betty

Betty was first introduced to Oysta after a stay in hospital. Unable to be discharged without some support in place.

Helping Betty

Shaping adult care in Southampton

Giving Thomas and his mum Tracey confidence and peace of mind, learn how Oysta has transformed their lives.

Helping Thomas
Liam (1)

Liam's story

Liam is one of many people who use the Argenti equipment to remain independent and who's primary carers can be greatly supported by using it.

Helping Liam

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