Smarter Technology for Ocupational Therapists

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Independent People want to remain living in their own homes, with support on hand if they need it to stay safe. Oysta’s digital care devices have high user acceptance and are proven to help keep people in their own homes, for longer. 

The benefits of investing in Oysta Technology

  • Safer patient discharge 
  • Reduced delayed transfer of care 
  • Reduced hospital readmittance 
  • Reduced total cost of care  
  • Reduced needs for additional care 
  • Reduce need for 1-2-1 support in the community 
  • Increase the number of people that walk with purpose to continue living at home
  • Reduce Ambulance callouts 
  • Reduce false fall alarm detections 
  • Reduce need for search and rescue for wandering VIPs


  • 24/7 care coverage
  • Instant alerts and peace of mind
  • Personalised care

Sharing live information between a multi-disciplined care network, IntelliCare drives person focused care. Well-being data is accessible to everyone within a VIPs care network, enabling fast and targeted response to any alerts. Providing better outcomes for the VIP and more efficient partnership working between care service teams.

  • Better care outcomes 
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Give VIPs a safety net with Mobile Telecare

Oysta helps Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs) stay safe at home and away from home. Our telecare devices encourage VIPs to pursue an active lifestyle with a safety net in place.

Mobile telecare
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IntelliCare, our smart platform for Carers

IntelliCare™ is a smart cloud-based platform which links all Oysta devices and sensors into one secure dashboard. Designed to support effective care decisions, it helps care teams deliver better patient outcomes by providing a real-time reflection of VIP's activity, location and wellbeing.

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Keep VIPs Safe at Home and Away from Home

SafeHome™ are our passive sensors that monitor VIPs home environment to detect anomalies in their activity patterns as well as ensure they are safe from smoke, and leaks and receive good airflow through their home.


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Making a difference

Betty Web

Safer independence for Betty

Betty was first introduced to Oysta after a stay in hospital. Unable to be discharged without some support inplace.

Helping Betty
Southampton Adult Care Web

Shaping adult care in Southampton

Giving Thomas and his mum Tracey confidence and peace of mind.

Helping Thomas
Liam Web

Liam's story

Liam is one of many people who use the Argenti equipment to remain independent and who's primary carers can be greatly supported by using it.

Helping Liam

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