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A story of difference from South Gloucester Council: Hospital to Home

South Gloucestershire Council shares its experience of working with Oysta. Enabling a vulnerable person to return home after a stay in hospital, the Oysta Pearl allowed Miguel to maintain his  independence.

Date. 1 Feb 2022


The situation:

Miguel was in hospital following a fall. He was medically fit for discharge. However, there were concerns about Miguel returning home as he is at risk of further falls.

Miguel enjoys a short walk everyday, to look at horses. Regardless of risk he would continue walking. He wanted to use technology to help keep him safe. A conversation was had with Miguel about the Oysta Pearl. Miguel liked the idea.

The solution:

The Oysta Pearl was installed and personalised to Miguel. This device can be carried by Miguel on his walk. It has an SOS button which he can press and call for help. Alerts go through to a response centre and his family. This allows Miguel to speak through the device and request help. The device can also provide Miguel’s location via GPS.

The outcome:

Miguel was discharged home without needing a carer to walk with him. Miguel continues his routine with dignity. He can visit the horses. Miguel remains safer as he can call for help if he falls. Everyone is reassured and Miguel’s liberty and independence is maintained in the least restrictive way.

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