Helpline choose Oysta to future proof their telecare service

Providing personal alarms for thousands of vulnerable people throughout the UK, Helpline have been working with Oysta Technology to source reliable telecare solutions where analogue telephone lines are not in use.


Date. 16 Nov 2020


Welcoming many new customers onboard this year, and anticipating even more as winter approaches, the need for an easily deployable, flexible solution with GPS functionality was urgent.

Maureen Cable, Managing Director at Helpline says:

“The telecare solutions from Oysta Technology were recommended to us by our response partners Appello. After seeing the Oysta Pearl + solution, we were very impressed. Mobile and able to reliably track well-being out in the community, the Pearl +, as well as the other solutions we saw from Oysta, required no engineer intervention to install and set up – which is particularly important right now. The Oysta Pearl +, the Oysta Pearl II and the Oysta Help on Hand telecare solutions are all on our radar and we are optimistic that in these, we have found the ideal telecare solutions to fit the needs of our customers.”

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