Never Fear Plenty Of Device Stock Regardless Of Omicron

Never Fear: Plenty of Device Stock regardless of Omicron

Most of the world’s electronic devices have components from China or are assembled in China. Some of our OYSTA devices are manufactured in China, too.

Shenzhen, sometimes called China’s "Silicon Valley" has reported more than 400 confirmed cases of Omicron since late February 2022. A decision has been made by China to shut down public transportation and all company employees are working from home for a week starting Monday 21 March 2022. The aim is to hopefully maintain and reduce any further outbreaks.

Dongguan, another main export manufacturing city close to Shenzhen, announced similar policies on 15 March 2022. Besides Shenzhen and Dongguan, the outbreak has reached other regions that have an influence on the export manufacturing industries, such as Shanghai, Shandong, and Jiangsu.

Factories are now reluctant to receive visitors from other cities and visiting from outside of China is virtually impossible. People with Green Health Code may still travel in certain areas but visits to the factory require their approval.


How does this affect OYSTA device orders?

There is no reason to be concerned, we are prepared. Our UK office has plenty of OYSTA devices in stock, ready to ship.

Oysta and our local partners are continuing to monitor factory safety standards to ensure continued product quality and worker treatment.

Do get in touch to discuss any concerns with us, call us on 01295 530101.

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