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New IntelliCare Feature, WeatherWatch enables Proactive Care

Pearl, dear, it’s cold outside!”

At Oysta, our fundamental ethos is to encourage Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs) to be safe whilst pursuing an active lifestyle and remove any isolation boundaries.

Our IntelliCare platform links with a variety of devices and sensors which gives care intelligence to Carers, Family members, Occupational Therapists and Social Workers to help them to provide proactive care to VIPs.

Our latest feature, WeatherCare takes this journey further.

Date. 29 Mar 2022


WeatherWatch enables Proactive Care

WeatherWatch helps carers prioritise the level of help a VIP needs based on the time of day and local weather.

When VIPs go out with their OYSTA telecare device and WeatherWatch is activated, it will send you alerts via IntelliCare when:

  • Your VIP is outside after the sun sets (Time limits can be pre-determined)
  • Your VIP is outside in an unsafe temperature.

You can place a well-timed, wellbeing call (through their OYSTA telecare device) and if needed, guide them home using the GPS locating feature within IntelliCare!

About IntelliCare

We have telecare devices and SafeHome sensors, when activated, send data into our care intelligence platform; IntelliCare. Information is displayed, in real-time on an easy-to-use dashboard.

IntelliCare triggers notifications to Carers if certain (pre-determined) events occur so they can react and aid VIPs.

IntelliCare and our devices mean that Pearl doesn’t get lost, never stays out after dark and never gets caught out in extreme weather.

Proactive care rather than waiting for the VIP to need a welfare check, ambulance or hospital visit because they got lost or ill from being out after dark or in extreme weather conditions, will save the NHS

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