Mental Healthday

Oysta supports World Mental Health Day 2020

As we support World Mental Health Day today, Oysta continue to ensure that the benefits of our telecare technology and service, go much further than just providing peace of mind for the Carers and the Vulnerable Independent People (VIP) that use our solutions.

Date. 20 Oct 2020


Understanding that human contact, independence and purpose is a key contributor to positive mental health, Oysta know that something as simple as a telecare device, can open up a once closed world for a person who, with that extra support and confidence, can continue to live the life that they choose.

Leading an active life can help to improve feelings of self-worth and foster confidence. Reducing tension, stress and mental fatigue, physical activity of any kind – from a slow stroll through to a game of tennis, can boost feelings of well-being.

Enabling people to enjoy physical activity outside of the home, digital telecare technology continues to support the physical well-being of the individual, whilst simultaneously nurturing good mental health. Constantly under the Oysta Cloak of Care, VIPs can enjoy going wherever the mood takes them, safe in the knowledge that should they need assistance, they will get it.

Oysta work with a diverse audience. People of all ages, abilities and from all walks of life, come to us for support. The one thing they all have in common is the desire to have the independent life that they choose to live. Oysta champion positive mental health and we work hard to ensure that our VIPs have the tools to remain happy and can continue to enjoy the things that make them, them.

To see how we have helped to maintain independence, please browse our Case Studies.

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