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Oysta, Vodafone Spain and Caser Seguros join forces to launch new telecare technology to Spanish elderly and independent people

Oysta Technology, Vodafone Spain and Spain’s leading insurance provider Caser partnered to launch an innovative project to take care of over elderly and independent people.

Supporting safer independence, Oysta’s telecare solutions support elderly and independent people living alone in their homes. Keeping them in contact with 24/7 assistance, Oysta’s IntelliCare care platform flags anomalies in behaviour in the home and community. Providing assurance for elderly and independent people, their carers and their families in Spain, the project with Caser is the first to involve Oysta’s most recent innovation, a low-power door opening sensor using the latest accelerometer technology.

Monitoring elderly and independent people at home, the sensor detects when they use the fridge. If the fridge has not been opened at least once in 12 hours, it could mean that our relative is ill in bed, or not eating or drinking. Oysta’s telecare solution immediately alerts the appointed care network over SMS or email, so assistance is mobilised.

Oysta’s sensor includes an SOS button that can be pressed by the EIP (elderly and independent people), putting them into immediate contact with their care network and the help that they need.


Raimon Santamaria, Managing Director of Oysta Spain comments on the benefits of the project:

"We have been delighted to work with Caser on this project, which will see hundreds of elderly and independent people in Spain benefiting from the cloak of care that Oysta technology provides. Using innovation so people can remain safely in their own homes and helping to prevent any long-term stays in hospital or residential care, Oysta is renowned for its innovative telecare solutions.  We are looking forward to seeing the positive outcomes delivered because of this project.”

The Oysta / Caser project will run until the new dates.


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