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HelpAtHome is an ideal solution for reducing bed blocking and improving Hospital Discharge as it comes ready in a box, with no set-up required and gives the VIPs the safety net they require while they are recovering from their hospital visit. 

Download the Oysta HelpAtHome Datasheet

Download the Datasheet
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Care Circle Benefits

Ideal option for Delayed Transfer of Care patients as it comes ready in a box, no set-up required and gives the VIPs the safety net they require while they are recovering from their hospital visit. 

Should the VIP have a fall, it will automatically connect them to their chosen contact or Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC.)

Messages can be pre-set, flashing up on the Help At Home display screen to remind the VIP to take medication.

Once the Help At Home is charged, the device should remain on power for up to 3 weeks depending on settings and usage.

Only authorised callers from the care circle can contact the HelpAtHome which eliminates spam calls to the VIP. The whitelist can be changed at any time to add/remove contacts

Through IntelliCare, you’ll be notified if your VIP’s device is switched on/off, has a low battery or if there has been ‘no activity’, indicating that the device has not been worn or used.

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Benefits to Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs)

When the VIP is in distress or simply needs peace of mind, they can press the blue SOS button. The Help At Home connects the VIP to their chosen emergency contact or Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and makes a hands-free, two-way voice call.

In the event of a fall, an SOS call is automatically

The Help At Home has a loudspeaker and a sensitive microphone to allow clear voice communication.

When the device has a low battery, it prompts the VIP to charge the device.

All calls put through to the Oysta HelpAtHome device are automatically answered; so no need to press a button, saving time and effort in an emergency or a welfare check situation.

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