Oysta Pearl II™

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The Pearl II is a mobile digital solution which enables early intervention, preventative and self-care for VIPs who want to remain independent.

The Pearl II links into our care platform, IntelliCare™ which keeps care circle's informed.

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Oysta Pearl II™

The Pearl II has been designed from direct feedback from Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs) and their care circles.

It retains many of the features of the proven and loved Pearl+ such as an SOS button, fall detection, two-way voice calls and audio reminders. It has a new streamlined design and charging cradle to avoid fiddly wires for those with hand mobility issues.

The Pearl II is a mobile digital solution which enables early intervention, prevention and self-care for VIPs who want to remain independent.

The Oysta Pearl II connects to our care platform, IntelliCare™, so the care circle will be able to set safety parameters, locate VIPs and if needed, guide them home or direct help to their location.

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Download the Oysta Pearl II Datasheet

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Care Circle Benefits

Should the VIP have a fall it will automatically connect them to their chosen contact or Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

You can see on IntelliCare™ where your VIP is and if they need help, you can locate them and guide help to their location.

Safe Zones are areas where the VIP is likely to travel. Should the VIP travel outside those safe zones anytime, or during specific times, of the day or night, a care alert is triggered. 

A significant step toward preventative care; WeatherWatch notifies the care circle if the VIP is outside after dark or in extreme weather conditions. You can conduct a welfare check before problems occur, and if needed, guide them home using the location feature on IntelliCare.

Messages can be pre-set, flashing up on the Oysta Pearl II display screen to remind the VIP to take medication

Only authorised callers from the care circle can contact Pearl II which eliminates spam calls to the VIP. The whitelist can be changed at any time to add/remove contacts.

Through IntelliCare, you’ll be notified if your VIP’s device is switched on/off, has a low battery or if there has been ‘no activity’, indicating that the device has not been worn or used.

“I didn’t know this system existed. It will give me confidence to go out with my family and give the carers a tool which could save lives!”

Sarah - Service User

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Benefits for Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs)

An easy-to-use button when the VIP is in distress or simply needs peace of mind. The Pearl II connects the VIP to their chosen emergency contact or Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and makes a hands-free, two-way voice call.

In the event of a fall, an SOS call is automatically

The Pearl II has a loudspeaker and sensitive microphone to allow clear voice communication.

When the device has a low battery it prompts the VIP to charge the device.

Cradle Charging means that the VIP only needs to drop it into the charging cradle to charge the device.

The Auto Answer option means that the call is automatically answered so there is no need to press a button which saves time in an emergency or a welfare check situation.

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Book a FREE Demonstration of Oysta Pearl II and IntelliCare™, our care platform which keeps care circles informed. 

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