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VIPs can be resistant to telecare devices when they are already comfortable with their mobile phone. The OystaCare app bridges this gap

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Care Circle Benefits

Simple to install, the app can be downloaded via the Google Play store and configured through IntelliCare™.

VIPs can indicate their wellbeing through the OystaCare app with a happy or sad face which is sent through to the care circle via IntelliCare. The care circle receives a notification and can plan for a welfare check.

You can see on IntelliCare, where your VIP is so if they need help, you can locate them and guide help to their location.

When VIPs are out and feel unsafe, they can press and receive assistance. It can activate a call through to the care circle or the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Through IntelliCare, the care circle can see their VIPs activity pattern so that if the phone has not moved, the care circle will be notified to conduct a welfare check.

Only authorised callers from the care circle can contact the VIP. The whitelist can be changed at any time to add/remove contacts.

WeatherWatch notifies the care circle if the VIP is outside after dark or in extreme weather conditions. You can conduct a welfare check before problems occur, and if needed, guide them home using the location feature on IntelliCare.

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Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs) Benefits

VIPs can install the OystaCare app on any Android mobile phone that has a version 8+ operating system. VIPs have a safety net when they leave home, with familiar technology.

OystaCare is very simple to use. The home screen has two main buttons for the VIP: “SOS” is to call for assistance if it is needed, and “How am I feeling?” which lets the care circle know how they are feeling.

At a press of a button, VIPs can be connected to their care circle or Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) if they feel unsafe.

VIPs can indicate their wellbeing by clicking on the “How am I feeling?” button which displays a “sad” face or a “happy” face. The care circle will be notified and conduct a welfare check if needed.

VIPs will receive an alert if the battery needs charging.

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Oysta Rio

The Oysta Rio gives Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs) a discreet safety net so they feel confident to leave their homes. Also an ideal solution for care homes with residents who wish to remain independent but also those who can get disorientated and leave without notice.

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Pearl II

Designed by experts with input from real users, the Pearl II has a powerful speaker packed into a small easy-to-use device. Supported by Oysta's IntelliCare platform, the Pearl II enables early intervention , preventative and self-care for VIPs living independently.

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Oysta Watch

Worn just like a normal watch, the Oysta Watch is the ideal solution for people who would prefer their personal alarm to be discrete and within easy reach at all times. With a range of features, sophisticated tracking and reliable communications, the Oysta Watch is a popular choice.

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