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Traditional community alarms have a significant limitation: if a Vulnerable Independent Person (VIP) is not near the unit when an alarm is triggered, they cannot communicate with the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which can result in an unnecessary ambulance call-out.

SafeHome + OystaCare combines the Oysta Rio, our Smoke Alarm and IntelliCare™, allowing VIPs to verbally verify false alarms and immediately connect with the ARC and up to 5 devices.

SafeHome + OystaCare keeps VIPs safe at home and safe away from home but also saves care providers time and money on hardware, installation, and false emergency service callouts.

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A few examples of how IntelliCare can transform your care provision:

Care providers can manage and report on their entire digital device estate from one convenient platform. This not only saves time but also provides a more comprehensive overview of your digital devices, allowing you to quickly identify and address any issues or areas for improvement.

Social care teams can set safety parameters for VIPs, such as safe zones and alerts, and remotely review and assess a VIP's wellbeing using the insights provided by IntelliCare. This allows care teams to better prioritise care visits and ensure that VIPs receive the support they need, when they need it.

ARCs can use the map feature to locate VIPs and add notes to keep the care circle informed. This ensures that all members of the care team are kept up to date with the latest information, helping to ensure that VIPs receive consistent, high-quality care.

VIPs receive person-centred care that fits in with their lives and meets their individual care needs. With IntelliCare, VIPs can enjoy greater independence and flexibility while still receiving the support and care they need to live a happy, healthy life.

SafeHome + OystaCare

Traditional community alarms have a significant limitation: if a vulnerable independent person (VIP) is not near the unit when an alarm is triggered, they cannot communicate with the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which can result in an unnecessary ambulance call-out.


Our innovative SafeHome + OystaCare solution overcomes this limitation by combining the Oysta Rio and OystaCare buttons. With multiple base stations, the Oysta Rio can easily be transitioned between floors, ensuring voice capabilities are always available. VIPs can wear the Oysta Rio around the home or outside, or use an OystaCare button placed strategically around the home for quick-call assistance.


Our smoke alarm is also integrated with IntelliCare™, triggering a voice call to up to five devices, including the OystaRio, when smoke is detected. This ensures that false alarms can be confirmed and the VIP's safety can be quickly established.


With SafeHome + OystaCare, VIPs are always easily contactable and locatable in the event of fall detection, SOS or fire, whether they are within the home or outside. It provides peace of mind for VIPs and their caregivers, and reduces the risk of unnecessary emergency call-outs.

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SafeHome + OystaCare solution helps:

Instal a solution which does not need to be hardwired.

SafeHome + OystaCare solution offers two-way voice calling that works inside and outside the home so if a fall or smoke is detected, you will be able to contact the VIP before alerting emergency services. 

By giving VIPs the tools to safely stay in their own homes longer

By giving VIP’s safer independence

By giving VIP’s the safety net they need to remain independent without being intrusive. 

Movement is medicine and giving VIPs a safety net for when they leave their home will give them peace of mind to continue with their everyday lives without worrying about what would happen if they fall.

This will have a positive impact on their physical and mental well-being.

We can integrate multiple devices and sensors to give a well-rounded insight into a VIPs wellbeing and care needs so you'll be able to extend this further with more technology to deliver preventative care.

Benefits to choosing an Oysta solution

Oysta’ main ethos is keeping VIPs safe at home, safe away from home.


Most telecare solutions focus on keeping VIPs safe inside the home, we want to remove those isolating boundaries which inadvertently tell people they’re only safe inside the home by giving them technology that works inside and outside the home.


Movement is medicine and movement through physical activity helps VIPs feel better, function better, sleep better and reduce the impact of some chronic diseases. Our approach promotes a healthier lifestyle because our technology encourages VIPs to go outside their own home and gives them a safety net so they have the reassurance that if something happens, they can receive help.


Our technology helps care providers manage and respond efficiently to immediate and longer-term care needs through the provision of digital and preventative TEC solutions.

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