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SenseCare™ is part of our SafeHome™ range.

Our SafeHome range are passive sensors that aid the Care Circle in delivering preventative care.

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Benefits for the Care Circle

VIPs are more prone to illness when there are lower temperatures and high humidity levels.

SenseCare can have safe temperature and humidity levels, pre-set. SenseCare sends the information to IntelliCare™ daily and if it breaches unsafe level limits, the care circle is notified so they can act and conduct a welfare check.

SenseCare includes Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors that detect movement within a room so you can monitor a VIP’s activity pattern and ensure they are mobile. Lack of movement could indicate a decline in a VIP’s health which you’ll be able to identify using the analysis within IntelliCare.

When the blue button on SenseCare is pressed, a silent ‘Support Required’ event is sent to the chosen contact or Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

The care circle can use the button to register their visits by pressing it, twice.

SenseCare’s battery lasts a minimum of two years, however, the life of SenseCare can be extended should it be plugged in using the supplied USB-C power cable.

Download the SenseCare Datasheet

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Expanding SenseCare: Additional Accessories for Enhanced VIP Insight

The bed pad will detect the VIPs sleep pattern. Should there be unusual activity, such as frequent disturbances in the night, may indicate underlying health issues, so IntelliCare will send a notification to the care circle.

Should your VIP be spending too long sitting in one place, there
could be an underlying health reason and any early prevention such as simply encouraging movement will benefit them. IntelliCare will notify you of any unusual activity.

The door sensor can tell when a door is left open, which is useful if VIPs experience forgetfulness, so the care circle can contact them, to prompt them to close the door.

Additionally, in conjunction with SenseCare’s movement PIR, it can tell whether a person has entered or exited the room, which can highlight to the care circle that the VIP is active in their home.

The leak detector will let the care circle know (through IntelliCare) if the property is at risk of a leak or flood so you can act.

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SenseCare is a passive sensor which is part of our SafeHome™ range, designed to keep VIPs safe when they are at home and aid the care circles in delivering preventative care.

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