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Housing Associations can use Oysta technology to monitor the homes within their estates for environmental anomalies and provide safer independence for those who are in sheltered accommodation.

You can implement the technology and monitor it all remotely, so you can prioitise your resources to the right home and residents. 

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SafeHome are our passive sensors that monitor VIPs home environment to detect anomalies in their activity patterns as well as ensure they are safe from smoke, and leaks and receive good airflow through their home. The sensors connect to the IntelliCare™ platform and display insights in real-time when anomalies are detected, IntelliCare triggers the attention of the care circle.

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Telecare solutions

Oysta helps Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs) stay safe at home and away from home. Our telecare devices encourage VIPs to pursue an active lifestyle with a safety net in place. Our telecare devices link into IntelliCare™ so the care circle can have regular, automatic updates on activity and location which enables trends and analysis to support effective care decisions.

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Why choose Oysta?

Oysta has a clear role in public health. We offer digital care solutions that help bridge the gap between health and social care, helping people live safer, independent lives, for longer. Oysta create partnerships with Local Authorities, Social Care Providers, Housing Associations, Care Homes, NHS Trusts and other organisations to manage and respond efficiently to immediate and longer-term care needs.

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