Oysta Watch

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Worn just like an ordinary watch,  the Oysta Watch is the ideal solution for people who would prefer their personal alarm to be discrete and within easy reach at all times.

The Oysta Watch features sophisticated tracking and communication for the VIPs safety.

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How does the Oysta Watch technology work?

The Oysta Watch is not only a digital watch with time, date and day display; it allows two-way communication just like a mobile phone (with speaker and microphone) as well as accurate GPS location data, so able to locate and assist a VIP wherever they may be.

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The Oysta Watch is designed for vulnerable people who:

desire to keep their freedom and independence

prefer to use a wearable device

want protection inside and outside their home

need a simple way to call for assistance

wish to reassure loved ones or Carer

want to ensure someone can find them if necessary

Oysta Watch Key Features

The Oysta Watch is not only a digital watch with time, date and day display; it allows two-way communication just like a mobile phone (with speaker and microphone) as well as accurate GPS location data. This ensures that wherever the VIP is, safety is always on hand.

If the VIP is in distress, or just needs peace of mind, they can press the SOS button to get help quickly. Oysta Watch sends the VIPs location and details, to their Network of Care and automatically starts a voice call, so they can let someone know what’s wrong.

Create safe zones to monitor movements, sending an alert to the care network if the VIP leaves or enters defined areas within defined or general timeframes. For example, an alert could be raised if the VIP leaves home after dark.

Simple messages can be pre-set to send to the Oysta Watch, reminding the VIP of important tasks. This functionality makes the Oysta Watch a useful tool to manage daily living.

When the battery on the Oysta Watch is running low, an alert will be sent to the VIP and flagged with the care network. This helps to ensure that daily recharging is happening, so that the VIP is always within the Oysta cloak of care.

Enabling the VIP to speak to a real person when they are feeling distressed, the Oysta Watch features two-way communication functionality to provide reassurance and a more personal approach to care.

“I didn’t know this system existed. It will give me confidence to go out with my family and give the carers a tool which could save lives!”

Sarah - Service User

The Oysta Watch is valuable tool in keeping vulnerable people safe

Reducing risk to people who may wander and subsequently go missing or get lost, Oysta’s IntelliCare platform captures and collates real-time data, so that the care network can quickly find and assist a VIP in distress.

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Making a difference

Door Test

Safer independence for Betty

Betty was first introduced to Oysta after a stay in hospital. Unable to be discharged without some support inplace.

Helping Betty

Shaping adult care in Southampton

Giving Thomas and his mum Tracey confidence and peace of mind.

Helping Thomas
Liam (1)

Liam's story

Liam is one of many people who use the Argenti equipment to remain independent and who's primary carers can be greatly supported by using it.

Helping Liam

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